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Help me to stay AWAKE and working longer on my helpful online enterprise and I’ll gladly become…

Your Fishing Buddy!

1. Press the “Buy Teach Coffee” button below.

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See below for the 1st bite of “insider” knowledge…

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I completely understand…

Your BIGGEST concern is not getting enough HIGH paid, online lessons as a private teacher.

And it should be, since that is the MOST difficult part of becoming an independent, fulfilled and well, you guessed it… HIGH paid English teacher on the Internet.

Without leads, NONE of the other “critical” stuff such as your platform, booking calendar, autoresponder emails, online classroom, curriculum and payment system actually matters, since you’ll have NOBODY to sell your lessons to!

Don’t get me wrong though, your upcoming and happily converting sales funnel will STILL be essential (without a doubt) in relation to turning your leads into customers, as dead leads = NO money!

So, put the MAJORITY of your focus into reeling in your target audience using the cheapest bait possible after we set sail, then arrive at the HUNGRIEST body of water as fishing buddies.

And when either myself, or one of my contracted teachers cannot accommodate a prospect who has recently (within the past 12 hours) booked a FREE 25 Minute Demo Class with my online English teaching company, then…

Only You And My Other Fishing Buddies Who
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What do I mean by that?

Any HOT lead (most likely a Chinese parent from the mainland of China) CAN be yours, if you’re quick to cast after the email notification arrives in your inbox.

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Your fishing buddy,

Teacher Kid Canada

Teacher Kid Canada

Owner & Online English Teacher at Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语
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P.S. As your appreciative fishing buddy, I look forward to helping you "reel in" a boat full o' leads and it won't cost you more than 3 Venti Coffee Frappuccinos each month (you can cancel your "Email Bites" subscription and/or VIP - Going Solo Facebook Group membership at any time) to have me, WIDE awake by your side, as we cast our fishing rods towards the tide.

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P.P.P.S. In case you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the 1st bite of “insider” knowledge…

“When marketing your online English teaching company, invest the time and
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f ALL applicable social networks that can deliver 80%
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And if you’re not already on LinkedIn, then I HIGHLY recommend signing up for your FREE profile and company page as this network drives the majority of organic visitors to my website.

P.P.P.P.S. Wouldn’t you rather turn to at least ONE trusted source (your fishing buddy) in relation to soaking up the expert approved answers to any pressing questions you may have about NOT ONLY lead generation, but the following marketing and sales related topics?

  1. Keyword Research & Selection.
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  4. Squeeze Page Development & Optimization.
  5. Sales Video Production & Editing.
  6. Email Communication.
  7. Converting Prospects To Customers.
  8. Payment Processing & Inbound Sales Support.
  9. ESL Curriculum & Customer Renewals.
  10. Guerrilla Marketing & Traffic Generation.

P.P.P.P.P.S. You’re NOT the only online English teacher who is HIGHLY motivated to
jump off the hamster wheel and go solo after being treated like a pesky rodent long enough by devious foreign-owned ESL companies on the Internet. So, check out what other teachers have told me as their fishing buddy, coach and during our conversations through social networking…