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You May Have Heard
Of Teacher Dan...

He STILL is one of the busiest and best online English teachers for VIPKid (one of the most popular English teaching platforms on the Internet) and earns 70K+ yearly working for them.

At this time, he has taught over 25,000 (over 10,000 hours) online ESL classes to kids and was awarded the VIPKid 2016 Most Popular Teacher Award!

So, why has he decided to go solo after being so fortunate at VIPKid throughout the years?

Well, here is the BIGGEST reason my fellow teacher and it comes from the man himself after I asked him the pressing question…

Dan DiDio.

Teacher Dan, Online English Teacher & Curriculum Provider

ChitChat2Fluency (

I need to reduce my hours. I want to go 100% private in the long term. At first, I will do a mix just until I see a steady stream of income.

I’m working way too many hours. I would like to work teaching kids 20-40 hours a week and the remainder of the time I can spend on my curriculum.

About 2 years ago I got really sick. I lost about 60 pounds!

VIPKid almost let me go even though I still taught, but with no energy, yet I actually got 8 compliments from parents out of the 2,500 classes taught throughout that 6 month period.

They can drop me at anytime.

I really had no energy when teaching, but I still showed up and taught everyday.”

Teacher Kid Canada's...
Road To Going Solo

Let me tell you this…

I was already working towards going solo
at the time of landing my first online ESL job at DaDaABC and I’m actually VERY thankful for that!


If I hadn’t already completed all the preliminary research, secured some key business associates and continued on from there, then it would’ve been literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to conduct classes for them in a happy manner.

Frankly, I NEEDED to be convicted that I was on the road to going solo as…

The Rookie:

Sure, if it wasn’t for that once a month wire transfer, then I would NEVER give away my services for free!

Yet, I really did appreciate the invaluable experience and skill that I gained as a new online English teacher who worked for DaDaABC as a contractor.

I MOST definitely learned what to do and what not to do in relation to my own servicing and running an online business.

I chose to graduate and become…

The Rookie - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.
The Semi-Pro - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.

The Semi-Pro:

Have a look at this colourful, yet confusing screenshot, as it displays a section within the 1st version of my website’s squeeze page.

What an eyesore, yet IT WAS a new beginning!

At the time I launched my initial website, I couldn’t take it anymore as I had already been cheated by DaDaABC, along with several other tricky Chinese based companies that followed.

Frankly, I was COMPLETELY sick and tired of playing the “willing” victim who constantly got robbed, but instead of sulking and limping along to the next crummy job experience, I had the courage to become…

The Pro:

After much testing and tweaking, I was able to optimize my website’s squeeze page, while also constructing the COMPLETE sales funnel with help from my business associates.

And even though I was a VERY busy contractor who served other companies students during ALL weekday evenings, along with the occasional weekends (full days worth of lessons), I was HIGHLY motivated to get the job done in efforts to earn my 1st exciting sale as…

The Pro - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.
The Veteran - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.

The Veteran:

Converting trial classes for past companies that I worked for NEVER felt this good! And what made it VERY special was the fact that the customer and I never met outside of the Internet. Rather, this overseas Chinese mother of one discovered me on Facebook through some promotional post of mine.

Funny enough, only a few days after me and my payment gateway had finished testing the shopping cart and widget, that unexpected, yet breathtaking email arrived which congratulated me for my 1st order!

Since I couldn’t believe it and already had my new customer as a friend on WeChat, I asked her to take a screenshot of the order confirmation page and you can now see it here.

Your Desired Result

Now it’s YOUR TURN to identify the steps that a member of my target audience recently took to transform from being a mere connection of mine on LinkedIn to becoming an actual PAYING customer.

You will discover the BIGGEST reason why that individual was compelled to act in such an ideal manner which led to
my desired result of an order being completed.

And at the end of each video, you’ll be delighted to see annotations that summarize the main tasks that MUST be accomplished in order for YOU to achieve the SAME desired result…

Step 1:

Attract the member of your target audience like a magnet to the squeeze page of your website.

Step 2:

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Here's What You'll Get...

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Per month

  • 100GB Storage
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  • 50 Domains
  • Lifetime Support

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