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You May Have Heard
Of Teacher Dan...

He’s STILL one of the busiest and best online English teachers for VIPKid (one of the most popular English teaching platforms on the Internet) and earns 70K+ yearly working for them.

At this time, he has taught over 25,000 online ESL classes
(over 10,000 hours) to kids and was awarded the VIPKid 2016 Most Popular Teacher Award!

So, why has he decided to go solo after being so fortunate at VIPKid throughout the years?

Here is the BIGGEST reason why my fellow teacher and it comes from the man himself after I asked him that same pressing question…

Dan DiDio.

Teacher Dan, Online English Teacher & Curriculum Provider

I need to reduce my hours. I want to go 100% private in the long term. At first, I will do a mix just until I see a steady stream of income.

I’m working way too many hours. I would like to work teaching kids 20-40 hours a week and the remainder of the time I can spend on my curriculum.

About 2 years ago I got really sick. I lost about 60 pounds!

VIPKid almost let me go even though I still taught, but with no energy, yet I actually got 8 compliments from parents out of the 2,500 classes taught throughout that 6 month period.

They can drop me at anytime!

I really had no energy when teaching, but I still showed up and taught everyday.”

Teacher Kid Canada's...
Road To Going Solo

Let me tell you this…

I was already working towards going solo
at the time of landing my first online ESL job at DaDaABC and I’m actually VERY thankful for that!


If I hadn’t already completed the preliminary research, secured some key business associates and continued on from there in a progressive manner, then it would’ve been literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to conduct classes for them in a HAPPY manner.

Frankly, I was relieved to be well on my way towards going solo as…

The Rookie:

Sure, if it wasn’t for that once a month wire transfer, then I would NEVER give away my teaching services for free!

Yet, I really did appreciate the invaluable experience and skill that I gained as a NEW online English teacher for DaDaABC.

I MOST definitely learned what to do and what not to do in relation to my own servicing and running an online ESL company.

So, I chose to graduate and become…

The Rookie - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.
The Semi-Pro - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.

The Semi-Pro:

Have a look at this colourful, yet confusing screenshot, as it displays a section within the 1st version of my website’s squeeze page.

What an eyesore! Yet it WAS a new beginning…

At the time I launched my initial website, I couldn’t take it anymore as I had already been CHEATED by DaDaABC and several other tricky Chinese based companies that followed.

Frankly, I was COMPLETELY sick and tired of playing the “willing” victim who constantly got robbed, but instead of sulking and limping along to the next crummy job experience, I had the courage to become…

The Pro:

After much testing and tweaking, I was able to optimize my website’s squeeze page, while also constructing the COMPLETE sales funnel with the help of my business associates.

And even though I was a VERY busy contractor who served other companies students during ALL weekday evenings, along with the occasional weekends (full days worth of lessons), I was HIGHLY motivated to get the job done in efforts to earn my 1st exciting sale as…

The Pro - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.
The Veteran - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.

I simply couldn’t believe it and since
I already had my new customer as a friend on WeChat, I asked her to take a screenshot
of the order confirmation page and
you can now see it above…

The Veteran:

Converting trial classes for past companies that I worked for NEVER felt this good!

And what made it so special was the fact that my customer and I never met outside of the Internet. Rather, this overseas Chinese mother of one discovered me on Facebook through an organic promotional post of mine.

Funny enough, only a few days after me and my payment gateway had finished testing the shopping cart and widget, that unexpected, yet breathtaking email arrived which congratulated me for my 1st sale!

Your Desired Result

Now it’s YOUR TURN to witness the steps that a member of my target audience once took to transform from being a mere connection of mine on LinkedIn to becoming an actual PAYING customer.

You will discover the BIGGEST reasons why that individual was compelled to act in an ideal manner, from step 1 to 6 (see the videos below), which led to MY desired result of selling a package of Essential Canadian English Video Lessons.

And at the end of each video,
you’ll be delighted to see annotations that summarize the specific tasks YOU must accomplish in order to achieve the same desired result of a completed order through your own website

Step 1:

Attract the member of your target audience like a magnet to the…

Step 2:

Persuade your squeeze page visitor to book a free demo class within the…

Step 3:

After the conversion, your new prospect will arrive on the…

Step 4:

Perform a successful demo class through your online classroom of choice while…

Step 5:

Your prospect will arrive at the entrance of your shopping cart after receiving a…

Step 6:

Your prospect becomes a customer by ordering a package of lessons and then…



The above videos represent my preferred organic method of turning social networking connections into actual paying customers.

However, to achieve the same desired result of a completed order, you may instead choose to take the expressway by launching a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with my help as your coach.

You won’t need a website and it doesn’t matter if you can’t set-up an online payment system of your own!

Heck, you won’t even need to worry about finding and then paying monthly to access one of the most suitable online classrooms that comes with the use of a whiteboard and allows for screensharing, muting, along with annotations and more.

Though, you might decide to utilize BOTH (organic and PPC) methods
as it all boils down to what works best for YOU!

And be reassured that as a team (me and you), we will ensure that the RIGHT decision was made before you take the physical steps necessary to build your online ESL enterprise from the ground floor up, in the MOST successful manner possible!

On a different note, if you already own and operate an online ESL company, then are you happy with the fruits of your labour at this time?

If not, you’ll be relieved to learn that I have the ability to overhaul your sales funnel (any segment needed) in order to optimize its conversions, while dramatically INCREASING your profits!

Best to inform me about your situation BEFORE we decide to shake hands.

You can reach me here…

Going Solo Coaching Program - This image is copyrighted by Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语.

Step Inside The...
Going Solo Coaching Program!

The Going Solo Coaching Program contains an innovative and clear plan of action for its SERIOUS members to reach a specified end.

And that is to happily graduate by achieving that ALMIGHTY 1st sale through their own effective sales funnel!

Afterwards, due to the targeted traffic generated through the chosen guerrilla marketing tactics, the orders and profits continue to roll in.

Yet, in order for that desired result to actually happen for upcoming members such as yourself, there are MANY specific tasks (as noted at the end of all 6 videos above) that you’ll be held accountable to complete, since you committed yourself by subscribing to the most suitable package (gold, silver or bronze) near the bottom of this page.

And no
matter what package you decide to order below, you’re STILL guaranteed to receive ALL the required information that will help you to get the job done!

It’s all about how YOU prefer to learn.

So, step inside the VIP Facebook group entranceway that includes…

  • How-To Videos: A series of extremely helpful "how-to" videos within 10 units will reveal all you'll EVER need to know about the critical segments of a successful online English teaching company in proper sequence. From keyword research & selection to Guerilla marketing & traffic generation, you'll get the correct answers to ALL of your important questions.

  • Live Group Coaching: For 45 minutes each week, you can participate in a LIVE group coaching, video/screen sharing session through Zoom with myself and other serious teacherpreneurs! While inside, simply wait your turn to bounce an idea or two into the group and get immediate feedback. It's perfect for brainstorming and if you can't attend, you'll be able to access all the prerecorded sessions within the "popular topics in posts" section of the VIP Facebook group.

  • Weekly Live’s: Once every week, I will host a Live that you, as an accountable paying member, can join! In real-time, you will discover common stumbling blocks that other serious teacherpreneurs have already confronted and you'll learn how they SMASHED through them in efforts to develop a successful online ESL company.

  • Insider Industry Updates: Whenever there is breaking news, or cutting edge information that has the ability to impact the online English teaching industry, then you can trust that I'll be on top of it! The important announcement will be posted within the VIP Facebook group for the benefit of your up-and-coming company.

  • Top Quality Referrals: Since you're doing business with myself, your wish is MY command! As you construct your online English teaching enterprise, you're bound to shake hands with a service and/or product vendor of some type who will help to put your MAGNIFICENT puzzle (business) together. Once you identify the piece that needs to be added, then you can count on myself to find it for you and be reassured that I ONLY deal with the most effective, yet affordable service and product vendors.

  • Hot Leads: If either myself, or one of my contracted teachers cannot accommodate a prospect who has recently (within the past 12 hours) booked a demo class with my online English teaching company, then that HOT lead (most likely a Chinese parent from the mainland of China) will be auctioned off inside the VIP Facebook group. It is there where you, along with the other serious teacherpreneurs will get first dibs!

  • Serious Teacherpreneur Support: Only the MOST determined members have the courage to step outside the Online English Teachers - Independent, Fulfilled & High Paid! Facebook group (free membership) to step inside the VIP Facebook group (paid membership) entranceway. And by making the same commitment, you can expect the ULTIMATE in support from the cream of the crop! Granted, some serious teacherpreneur's will be further along towards their goal of developing a successful online ESL company than yourself, yet others will be further behind, of course. Regardless, you'll feel right at home in your new like-minded community and ALL VIP members will benefit through sharing ideas, holding each other accountable, while also celebrating every new and exciting achievement!

And Last But Not Least...

You’ll also receive UNLIMITED email and chat support from yours truly after you press the “Get Started” button (gold or silver package) below and then complete your secure and encrypted order through PayPal.

And my ONLY requests are this…

  • Even though I enjoy reading novels, please do not send multiple page emails and/or lengthy chat messages to me since we MUST keep our communication as concise and focused as possible. Otherwise, I'll put myself at risk of not being able to give other coaching clients the time and attention that they deserve as well.

  • Even though I'm sure that I'll ABSOLUTELY love hearing from you on a regular basis, please do not send me TOO many consecutive emails and/or chat messages. Instead, try your best to deliver information in full without needing to press the "send" or "enter" button repeatedly before hearing back from myself.

  • Even though I enjoy small-talk like everyone else, please do not bring up topics that aren't relevant towards your task at hand as that can only lead to distraction. I MUST do everything in my power to keep you glued to the act of accomplishing the next most significant step towards the fruition of your magnificent online English teaching company.

  • Even though I respect your opinion and you'll ALWAYS have the final say in regards to what YOU believe is best for your upcoming online ESL company, as your coach, please do not doubt, or even question the direction in which I'm leading you, nor the speed of your advancement.

Understand that my 4 requests above ONLY apply to the gold and silver package that not only includes the unlimited email and chat support, but provides access to the VIP Facebook group (how-to videos, live group coaching, weekly live’s, insider industry updates, top quality referrals, hot leads and serious teacherpreneur support).

However, if you…

Go For The Gold...

You’ll be certain to take the fast-track towards earning your 1st exciting sale, by participating in the bi-weekly, 1-on-1 video coaching session (1 hour) in your choice of online video/screen sharing meeting room.

Immediately after you press the “Get Started” button (gold package) below and then complete your secure and encrypted order, you’ll arrive at the VIP Facebook group
entranceway and will receive a receipt of payment through email from PayPal.

Simply answer the important membership question and agree to the group rules, then within 12 hours later, you’ll be an APPROVED insider!

Soon after, you’ll discover another email that offers several different options (days and times) for your video coaching sessions.

But if…


Then PLEASE be satisfied with the Online English Teachers – Independent, Fulfilled & High Paid! Facebook group (free membership) as the Going Solo Coaching Program is reserved ONLY for those who are 100% committed to getting the job done!

I’m simply NOT motivated in the slightest to invest even ONE millisecond of my valuable time into struggling to help online ESL teachers who aren’t yet convicted about doing WHATEVER is necessary to WIN at all costs after all the abuse they’ve been put through by corrupt foreign-owned companies who treat them like slaves.

Trust me, it’s NOT about the money, as I already do well enough for myself teaching Chinese students from the mainland of China on the Internet at an average of US$66 per/hour (before transaction fees) and that’s for 1-on-1 lessons alone, without looking at the few group classes that I instruct at this time.

So, make your next move right now if YOU can’t stand the thought of turning back as I only have so much time in the day and prices may increase at any time due to the current popularity of my coaching program…

Due to popular demand, the Gold Package ($297/monthly) is not available at this time.

There aren’t enough hours in the day! When the above timer hits zero, I will no longer be offering the GOLD package below. I simply won’t be able to conduct 2 video coaching sessions each month with one member.

I apologize if you were hoping to “go for the gold” and if I could clone myself, I would!



Incl. Video Coaching Sessions
$ 247
/ Monthly
  • Bi-Weekly, Video Coaching
  • Unlimited Email/Chat Support
  • VIP Facebook Group Access
  • How-To Videos
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Weekly Live's
  • Insider Industry Updates
  • Top Quality Referrals
  • Hot Leads
  • Teacherpreneur Support


Video Coaching
$ 47
/ Monthly
  • Unlimited Email/Chat Support
  • VIP Facebook Group Access
  • How-To Videos
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Weekly Live's
  • Insider Industry Updates
  • Top Quality Referrals
  • Hot Leads
  • Teacherpreneur Support


Incl. 1 Video Coaching Session
$ 197
/ One Time Fee
  • 1 Video Coaching Session
  • Email Bundle (10)


Now even though I’m certain that you’d LOVE to send an email (ASAP) to your employer/s that reads “Take This Job And Shove It”, you must exercise self-control and continue to bear with their shenanigans WHILE you develop your online ESL company.

Be thankful
you have a tired job for a little while longer, okay?

Well, that’s if you’re fortunate enough to even have one since the bills STILL need to be paid as you attract an influx of private students with my help!

And since all wonderful things must come to an end, you can quickly and easily cancel your regular recurring payment for any package (gold, silver or bronze) through PayPal at any time during our coach/client relationship.

No bad feelings whatsoever and you’ll NEVER be billed again.

Come to think of it…

If you don’t fall in love with your experience RIGHT AFTER entering the VIP Facebook group (only accessible through purchasing the gold or silver package), then not only can you cancel your regular recurring payment, but you’ll also be able to request a FULL refund on your initial order by sending an email to…

The same 60-day, 100% money back guarantee, along with you being able to cancel your regular recurring payment applies to the bronze package as well and feel free to contact us through email to ask any necessary questions before you
carry on to order above as your EXTREME satisfaction is our guarantee.

I look forward to coaching you!

Yours in the eradication of poor pronunciation,

Teacher Kid Canada (Rich Tweten)

Teacher Kid Canada (Rich Tweten)

Owner & Online English Teacher at Kid Can Talk English - KCT 英语
Best English Lessons Online For Kids - 孩子最好的线上英语课

P.S. It is ALWAYS cheaper in terms of your time and money, to do the job right the first time.

P.P.S. You’re not the only online English teacher who is HIGHLY motivated to get off the hamster wheel and go solo after being treated like a rodent long enough by devious foreign-owned ESL companies. Check out what other teachers have told me as their personal coach and during conversations through social networking…