It won’t be long until the VIP Facebook group (Going Solo Coaching Program) is born.

This used to be a consulting business, yet due to popular demand, the group will soon be launched!

There’s a REASON for the madness and thanks so much for your anticipated patience.

All GREAT things take time as I’m sure you realize already…

He STILL is one of the busiest and best online English teachers for VIPKid (one of the most popular English teaching platforms on the Internet) and earns 70K+ yearly working for them.


At this time, he has taught over 25,000 (over 10,000 hours) online ESL classes to kids and was awarded the VIPKid 2016 Most Popular Teacher Award!


So, why has he decided to go solo after being so fortunate at VIPKid throughout the years?


Well, here is the BIGGEST reason why my fellow teacher and it comes from the man himself after I had the courage to ask the question…


“I need to reduce my hours. I want to go 100% private in the long term. At first, I will do a mix just until I see a steady stream of income.


I’m working way too many hours. I would like to work teaching kids 20-40 hours a week and the remainder of the time I can spend on my curriculum.


About 2 years ago I got really sick. I lost about 60 pounds!


VIPKID almost let me go even though I still taught, but with no energy, yet I actually got 8 compliments from parents out of the 2,500 classes taught throughout that 6 month period.


They can drop me at anytime.


I really had no energy when teaching, but I still showed up and taught everyday.”

At the beginning, we are only welcoming a handful of paying members into this innovative group.

So, if YOU ARE COMPLETELY SERIOUS about doing whatever is necessary to build a successful online English teaching website, then send us an email to get on the waiting list…